New York Primary School

new york primary school

New York Primary School Overview:

New York Primary School is a small rural school approximately 8 miles outside of Boston and is federated with another nearby primary school in the village of Frithville.  The Federation required two individual websites for both schools and also for the Federation information which both schools shared.

Project details:

We decided that the two school sites would need the same theme so that parents would know that they were part of the same Federation, but the major issue was that a lot of the pages would be classed as ‘Federation’ pages and would share the same content.

Because of this we created a third site which would purely display the Federation content meaning it would be much easier to manage and would mean there would be no duplicated content (which isn’t favourable with Google).  The third site Frithville & New York Schools Federation (FVNY) worked perfectly in that it retained the appearance of the two school websites and meant that moving forward, where information was specific to New York Primary School, then only information applicable to that school would be displayed on their site and any Federation information shared across the two school websites could be kept on the FVNY Federation site.


All three sites are fully responsive and mobile friendly.

The New York Primary School website is a comprehensive site where both parents and pupils can access a wealth of information including;

  • Latest and archived newsletters
  • Events calendar with detailed information
  • Information on school clubs
  • Staff, PTA and Governor information
  • Gallery on the various activities the school undertake
  • Information on policies, curriculum, Ofsted report and School Prospectus
  • Class information
  • Details on school meals, any school closure information and other useful information for parents
  • Useful links to external sites useful for the pupils to access
  • ‘Live’ Twitter feed so that even parents who do not use Twitter would be able to see the latest tweets from the School
  • Term dates
  • Internet safety basics for both parents and pupils.

Why not take a look at the New York School website or contact us for more information.


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