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DPH Removals website
DPH Removals Website Overview:

DPH Removals are a local, family run, friendly removals company based in Kirton.  Kirton is approximately 4 miles south of Boston in Lincolnshire. As a local and national removals firm, they also concentrate on removals in Europe.  In particular France, Spain and Ireland and they therefore needed to update their old DPH Removals website to a new mobile friendly version.

Project details:

The DPH Removals website needed to gain a better presence on the internet, especially so in a very competitive market.  We designed a mobile friendly website with easy access for their key information.  We achieved this via a clear visual side bar on the right hand side on their website.

They wanted to not only service the local area in and around Lincolnshire, but also wanted to improve their presence within the UK market.  At the same time they also wanted to extend their presence to their key overseas markets of France, Spain and Ireland.

We ensured that each market had its own page so that we could optimise this information to give them a better ranking on Google.  We have also created a French version of the website for those planing to immigrate to the UK from France.

One of the unique services we can offer is translation of websites by native speakers.  This is vital if you plan to have an international presence and will ensure that the website or web page is written in the correct context.  This prevents the possibility of it being translated by ‘Google Translate’.  Which often contains grammar, spelling and legibility problems.

We also updated their logo to a more modern looking design, whilst retaining much of the original design.

Visit the DPH Removals English website or take a look at the dedicated DPH Removals French website that is written in native French.  For this site we purchased a .fr domain to give a more ‘local’ presence on web searches performed in France for this kind of service.

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