Client Incentive Rewards for spreading the word.


Our ‘Client Incentive Rewards’ program has been designed to reward our clients who recommend us to other people that leads to a successful referral.


How does it work?


It is very simple really.

As an existing client who has a website from us, if you recommend us to another person (or company) and that person (or company) buys a website from us, you get rewarded!


What is the reward?


The reward is an Amazon gift card.  The card value is determined by the website package the referrer purchases from us.

For example. If the referrer purchases an ecommerce package from us, then you can get a reward of a £50.00 Amazon gift card as our way of saying ‘thank you’.


What is the catch?


There isn’t one!  You will receive your Amazon gift card when the referrer has paid for their new project in full*

*The new website doesn’t have to be live, it only has to be paid for in full.

Can I earn more than one reward?


Absolutely. You can earn as many rewards as you want. For each successful referral, once paid in full, you will receive another Amazon gift card.

Remember though that the gift card value will depend on the package the referrer chooses so may vary in value.

How will I get my reward?


Once the referrer has paid in full we will send your Amazon gift card electronically to your chosen email address.

Therefore please ensure you supply us with a valid email address for us to send the gift card to.

If you supply us with the wrong email address, we cannot be held responsible for the loss of that gift card and another gift card will not be issued.

Is this Client Incentive Rewards scheme anything to do with Amazon?


No it isn’t. This is solely our reward scheme and Amazon or any of its partners is not a sponsor of this promotion.


Can I have cash instead of an Amazon gift card?


Unfortunately there is no cash alternative.

If you have any questions in relation to our Client Incentive Rewards scheme, please feel free to contact us.