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What is website maintenance and why might you need it?


Your potential customers are getting more and more internet savvy.  They want exact information and they want it fast.  Search engines are getting harder to please too.  For a website to perform well it needs to satisfy its visitors and the search engines, in particular Google.

To achieve this, you need to be taking care of these background functions and more:

  • Website files and database backups
  • WordPress core and additional software updates
  • Security monitoring and remedial action
  • Up-time monitoring and remedial action
  • Spam monitoring and remedial action
  • Website loading speed
  • Website Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to improve ranking
  • Adding fresh, good quality, relevant content

If you have not got the time and skills to do all of this yourself, then you definitely need someone else to be doing your WordPress website maintenance for you.  This is why we created AfterCare, which is designed to give you total peace-of-mind for running your website successfully.


How much does website maintenance cost?


Our AfterCare WordPress website maintenance package is built into our web design packages, eCommerce website design and custom web design project pricing.  You can view the monthly fees on our Website Options Page.

Similarly our mobile app maintenance package is built into our app packages.  You can view the monthly fees on our Mobile App Development Cost page.


About Aftercare


As web designers we believe that leaving a client to fend for themselves once a website is built is not good practice.  Most business are doing what they need to do to manage and operate the business itself.  And let’s face it, last century that was all that was needed.  And then came the Internet…  To begin with the majority of businesses, both large and small, ignored it.  Then it became apparent that having a web presence was desirable.  All kinds of awful websites appeared, and some are even still with us today!

Fast forward to today and a website is no longer what you need, you now need a good website.  One that can rank highly on search engines, that gives your customers the user experience they now expect and one that can evolve and adapt as your business does.  Yet, you are still managing and operating the business itself.  How do you make time for looking after your online presence?  All of a sudden a simple website has become a ‘necessary evil’.  You know you need run it well, but how do you do that?  Do you have the right staff to do it for you?  Are you willing to learn or train someone in the new skills that are required?

A good website, correctly used can enhance your business, sales and reputation.  Whilst a website that is badly run or totally ignored can do the complete opposite.  You cannot afford to get it wrong any more.  To that end we offer a great service that we call ‘AfterCare’.

AfterCare is designed to give you complete peace-of-mind for running a successful website.  There are plenty of things to consider behind the scenes.  Small jobs and functionality requirements that need to be taken care of to keep a website up to date, secure and restorable should something go wrong.  AfterCare also includes resources we have created to help you use your website to its best effect.

Our AfterCare package gives you total peace of mind!

We take care of things behind the scenes so that you do not need to worry about them at all.

We also take care of the things that search engines look for when making their ranking decisions.

For more details please take a look at our AfterCare Services List and FAQs.

We are also protected by:

    • Breach Response Insurance (Cyber Insurance)
    • Professional Indemnity Insurance
    • Public & Products Liability Insurance


Aftercare Services

As AfterCare is designed to give you complete peace-of-mind for running a successful website and/or mobile app, there are plenty of things to consider behind the scenes.

Small jobs and functionality requirements that need to be taken care of to keep a website up to date, secure and restorable should something go wrong.  AfterCare also includes resources we have created to help you use your website to its best effect.


We used several specific terms throughout this and other relevant documents.

    • Services refers to the professional services described in your Client Agreement.
    • Website refers to a single site on a specific domain. If there are sites on further domains or on sub domains, they are separate websites.
    • Mobile App refers to an application built to be downloaded onto a mobile device from either a website or App store.
    • AfterCare refers to our ongoing support packages designed to give you complete peace of mind with your website and/or mobile app and all its associated tasks and functions.
    • Hosting refers to the process of storing a website or other data on a server so that it can be accessed over the Internet or on a mobile device.
    • Knowledge Base refers to our help portal that contains published information on how to perform tasks in the services and also aims to provide answers to frequently asked questions.
    • Support System refers to an online board that we supply for our clients’ use to report support issues, set us tasks and vice versa, communicate and also store the content for future reference if necessary.
    • Support Card refers to a request sent via the support system to Web Design UK/Farmgear Marketing etc. by a client, or vice versa, e.g. to report a problem and request a solution to it.
    • Extras refers to the additional services and functions we offer to enhance your website, mobile app and other areas of your business.
    • Terms and Conditions refer to the document and/or page that details all the T&Cs for all our services.


Client Support


Your AfterCare Package includes the following support features:

  • Support system for technical support
  • Free minor changes to your website, subject to ‘fair usage’.
  • Knowledge Base articles
  • Personal advice on business aspects we can help you with, such as marketing.
  • Automatic renewal of your free domain names.
  • Reminders for when any of your additional domains need renewing.
  • If you have purchased an Extra, then support for that extra comes as standard.
  • Custom and eCommerce/Gold website package customers also receive eCommerce Support as standard


Website Maintenance


Your AfterCare Package includes the following to maintain your website:

    • Automatic backups of both the site files and the databases.  Backup intervals will depend on your website package.  See our ‘Service Level Agreement’ (SLA)
    • Daily security checks on your website and real-time monitoring of your website for malicious attacks, plus remedial action if necessary.
    • Real-time uptime monitoring of your website.
    • Spam monitoring and remedial action.
    • Automatic updates for WordPress core files.
    • Automatic updates for any additional website software


Website Features


Your AfterCare Package includes the following website features:

    • Fast hosting on a dedicated server that is physically here in the UK.  No shared hosting is used.
    • Free Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate, which gives your site the green padlock.
    • Content Management Systems (CMS) that comes with an inbuilt online User Manual, including how-to videos.
    • Basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) elements are built in.
    • Webmail facility, which means you can log in and access your emails from anywhere in the world where you have internet access.


Mobile Apps


Your AfterCare Package includes the following for your mobile apps:

    • Mobile App hosting.
    • Free Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate.
    • Incremental daily backups with a full backup carried out weekly.
    • Real-time daily security checks.
    • Real-time uptime monitoring.
    • Regular upgrades to the software and CMS.
    • Free minor changes to your app, subject to ‘fair usage’.
    • Specialist Content Management Systems (CMS) for managing push notifications, events etc.
    • Inbuilt online user guides, including how-to videos.
    • Set-up and management of your Apple & Google developer accounts.


Other Service Enhancements


We believe in giving our clients the best service that we can.  We aim to continue to improve on our services and systems as much as can.  Here are some other features we believe demonstrate our commitment to quality of service:A growing range of Extras, for your website and for other aspects of your business

    • Training website for you to practice in without fear of breaking your own site
    • High levels of Breach Response Insurance (Cyber Insurance), Professional Indemnity Insurance and Public & Products Liability Insurance
    • Our GDPR Policy
    • Our Information Security Policy
    • Our Service Level Agreement (SLA)
    • Catalyst Platinum integrations
    • Khaos Cloud integrations

Support exceptions:

  • Time spent on actual support will be subject to ‘fair usage’
  • Support does not include teaching basic IT skills
  • Support does not include help with email problems caused by your device(s)
  • Support does not include help with virus/malware removal if you have failed to install professional security software
  • Support does not include help with a hacked site if you have failed to use secure, individual passwords
  • Items not included in the package will be charged for by the minute at our current hourly rate

Support & Communications


As well as our AfterCare package, we have a full support board system which will help us communicate with each other in the most efficient way.

This portal will be used to communicate, share and store information on the following:

  • Technical support issues
  • Assigning tasks to each other
  • General enquiries
  • Feature requests

The portal also incudes our Knowledge Base Articles that have been written to guide you through some of the common topics associated with managing your website.  We intend to answer your questions there and will be adding new articles.

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