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We have a dedicated AfterCare site where you can find a range of help, support, general information and handy guides to ensure that once your website is live, should you need our assitance or any support, then it is all available in one place.

The AfterCare is a private site dedicated to helping our clients, including after your website project is complete.

Below are links to the various parts of the AfterCare site that you should find useful.  It is important to use this site so that we can help you to learn how to get the best out of your website and our other services.

Client Incentives – our way of saying thank you to new and existing clients.

Website Demo Design Options – these are the demo design options to choose from depending on the website package you choose.

Website & Marketing Extras – choose from our list of extras that can be added to your website project, either from the start or as you business evolves.

Support & Website Management – details of what your monthly fees include.

Training Website – this is our website where you can practice using your new CMS system even before your project is finished.  And the best part of all is that you can’t break anything.

Website Content Writing Form – please use this form to send the website content to us.  This helps us to make sure we have exactly the right content to add to the new website project.  It is also a good way to help you learn how to create good content.

eCommerce Projects – our eCommerce projects content plus a guide to planning an online shop.  There is also a ‘Help Notes’ section to guide you through completing the form.

Blog Post Content Writing Form – please use this form to upload your blog articles.  This will help you learn how to write your blog posts well. When we receive the form we will check it, and give any feedback until we are happy you are preparing them correctly.

Support & Communications


As well as our AfterCare pages, we have a full support ticket system which will help us communicate with each other in the most efficient way.




This portal will be used to communicate, share and store information on the following:

  • Technical support issues
  • Assigning tasks to each other
  • General enquiries
  • Feature requests

The portal also incudes our Knowledge Base Articles that have been written to guide you through some of the common topics associated with managing your website.  We intend to answer your questions there and will be adding new articles.

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